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  • Time of issue:2021-06-28 13:14:30
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  Shenzhen marshallom can making Co., Ltd., established in 1993, is a Sino foreign joint venture (metal packaging products) enterprise with a registered capital of 66.37 million. Shenzhen company covers an area of more than 15000 square meters and the group company covers a total area of 200000 square meters. The headquarters of marshallom group is located in the second industrial zone of Pinus tabulaeformis, Longhua street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, adjacent to Foxconn Group. It is an enterprise that has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system. Our company is a diversified, collectivized and international export-oriented enterprise specializing in can making design, iron printing and can making. The company's business process: from graphic design, three-dimensional modeling design, film output, iron drawing, iron printing, to mold design, R & D and manufacturing. Automatic, semi-automatic, single machine can making operation combined with packaging and other comprehensive and all-round services have become a large can making group enterprise with perfect supporting facilities, sophisticated technology and advanced equipment in the industry, ranking first in the industry. The iron box design team and iron can design team are even more famous at home and abroad for the successful image packaging of major Chinese and foreign brands in iron boxes and iron cans, especially for the design and production of domestic high-end metal packaging such as tea, Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, pilose antler, ginseng and famous wine in the industry in recent years. At present, the company has more than 2500 skilled workers in can making, including more than 300 professional and technical personnel with college degree or above and medium and high professional title, more than 3000 sets of various can making molds, more than 2000 sets of advanced can making machinery and equipment, and more than 40 million special-shaped cans are produced every month. The main products are candy iron box, chocolate iron box, tinplate stationery box, tea iron can More than 90% of the products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions such as North America, Europe and Asia. The company carries out economic and trade exchanges with countries all over the world in full accordance with international trade practices, and has become a world-renowned professional can manufacturer.

  The company has the right to export goods independently. It is a class a enterprise approved by the customs. It is a member of China Packaging Federation, a member enterprise of Shenzhen packaging industry association and a vice president unit of Shenzhen packaging industry association. It was awarded the title of "model enterprise" by Shenzhen Packaging Industry Association in 2004 and "China Packaging excellent enterprise" by China Packaging Federation in 2006, The company has long served as the president and vice president of Shenzhen Packaging Association. In September 2012, our company's industrial park was awarded the title of "China boutique can production base" by China Packaging Federation. Today, when the approval rate of the title at the beginning of "China" is only a few, it once again makes the people of marshallom realize that what we have to undertake is no longer to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, but to lead China's can industry to compete with the world, Lead the can making industry to formulate new standards, develop more and more advanced iron printing technology and can making technology, and create a complete and powerful can making design system. Our peers in the industry have always been regarded by overseas buyers as "China has only factories and no enterprises". In contrast, marshallom people who have "got rid of poverty and become rich" also shoulder the industry historical mission of leading Chinese can making enterprises to create a real can making enterprise brand. Wal Mart, Disney, Masha and other giant enterprises have repeatedly tested and cooperated with our company. Our products and enterprises have repeatedly passed FDA, lfgb, GSV / C-TPAT, ec-9462 and other high standard certification, and are welcomed by enterprises and people all over the world. marshallom people have won applause from all over the world with their wisdom and sweat, and have won the respect of many enterprises and peers at home and abroad. Many kinds of iron boxes and cans designed and developed by our company have won major awards all over the world and at home, and have hundreds of industrial intellectual property rights.

  Since its establishment, the company has adopted the management concept of "safety, high efficiency, high quality and low consumption" and the talent strategy of "people-oriented and meritocracy". In the tide of market economy, marshallom people have been tirelessly exploring the development journey and innovative management mode of the can industry, and always adhere to the enterprise management principle of "seeking development with innovation and survival with quality". We will always maintain our vigorous vitality and high spirit. Let the blue sky fly and hope!

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